Who We Are

Who We Are

Advance Insurance Educational Services Inc. is a team of  independent contractors bringing together their knowledge and passion for teaching to you. Together we span over 100 years of combined insurance industry experience. We each have our own area of experience in the insurance industry so it is easy to bring fun informative seminars to help all industry people obtain their necessary accreditation credits on an annual basis.

Our team members are: Helene Wood, Ron Semenoff, Denish French, George CooperMaria Saley,  Michelle WaldnerFrank GauthierDavid Stark, Jodi Scarlett, Pierre Pronovost, Patrick MartensDr. Mark  KolodziejLana Bullough, Norm Flanders and Janel Magnaye Combined there are over 60 available seminars in all different subjects available for your perusal.

With all of the changes in our Insurance world it is hard enough trying to keep pace with all the changes never mind all those little “extras” that need to be done. Some of the little “extras” I am referring to include, portfolio rollovers, efficiency assessments, time management studies and of course those Continuing Education requirements.

Advance Insurance Educational Services Inc. looks after this and so much more. Helene Wood looks after the portfolio rollover and the efficiency/time management assessment area of the business personally for you and our great team members bring a wide variety of interesting seminars to help you and your staff obtain their required Continuing Education requirements.

We offer our seminars on a regular basis from September – June excluding December. For full details on our available seminars and upcoming seminars please go to our drop downs.

For more information please go to our contact us page.

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