Seminar Series: Common, Statute and Tort Law in Alberta

Seminar Series: Common, Statute and Tort Law in Alberta

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Seminar Description

This seminar has participants explore the structure of Alberta law and discover how it affects the interpretation and application of policy coverages both in and outside Alberta.

There is comprehensive discussion of negligence under common law, various provincial Acts that influence the settlement of insurance claims and determination of liability, and how such laws differ between Alberta and other provinces.

This seminar consists of nine (9) sections of material delivered in one (1) day.

Seminar Outline

Section 1 Common Law and Negligence 45 minutes
Section 2 Defenses to Negligence 45 minutes
Section 3 Statutory Coverages and Conditions 30 minutes
Section 4 Joint and Several Liability 90 minutes
Section 5 Traffic Safety Act 90 minutes
Section 6 Occupier’s Liability 60 minutes
Section 7 Commercial General Liability (CGL) Policy 30 minutes
Section 8 Products Liability 30 minutes
Section 9 Tort Reform in Alberta 30 minutes

Continuing Education Credits – ID #3537

1) Alberta Insurance Council 7.5 hours
Adjusters, General Certificates
2) General Insurance Council of Manitoba 7.5 hours
3) General Insurance Council of Saskatchewan 0 hours
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