Difficult Conversations- Why They are Important and Some Tools for Success

Difficult Conversations- Why They are Important and Some Tools for Success

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We all have conversations that we dread and avoid. Other times, we find ourselves in an unexpected difficult conversation, and we regret afterwards how it went. This seminar deals with how to prepare for these conversations to make them more successful.
Examples of difficult conversations are:

  • Delivering bad news to a client
  • Addressing an issue with an associate
  • Giving an employee difficult feedback
  • Delivering feedback or bad news to someone you care about
  • Being the recipient of any of the above
  • Habitual conflict conversations

Course Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, a participant will learn how to:

  • De-code the structure of a difficult conversation
  • Decide if and when you should initiate the conversation
  • Initiate the conversation effectively
  • Use a three conversation approach for success
  • Respond to an unplanned difficult conversation
  • Determine the difference between truth and importance, intent and impact
  • Deal with emotions and feelings
  • Keep ones balance in a tough conversation

Who Would Benefit from this Course

This course would benefit anyone since all of us are faced with the challenges of difficult conversations.

Seminar Delivery

This seminar will be very interactive with introduction of tools and processes that will be practiced in the classroom. Examples will be used to illustrate key concepts.  This seminar is presented byMaria Saley.

Continuing Education Credits – ID #15678

1) Alberta Insurance Council 7.5 hours
General, Adjuster, Life, Accident & Sickness Certificate
2) General Insurance Council of Manitoba 7.5 hours
3) General Insurance Council of Saskatchewan 7.5 hours
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