Bio-Contamination in the Restoration Industry

Different organizations and the government are doing a better job of educating the public about the
dangers of biological contamination. Gone are the days when a homeowner would spray a little vinegar
water on a blood stain and pretend everything is OK. Similarly, law enforcement is increasingly aware of
the dangers of biological matter like vomit, blood, etc. in their vehicles and on crime scenes, and taking
more steps to ensure those contaminants are properly remediated on the surface, and below it.

The public must know that after any incident that could produce biological contamination that also could
seriously impact the health of persons occupying that affected environment. Restoration technicians need
to be trained on the proper sanitation testing procedures to ensure that the environment is safe for the

This seminar is presented by Patrick Martens


Continuing Education Credits – ID #43028

1) Alberta Insurance Council 2.0 hours
Adjuster Certificate
2) General Insurance Council of Manitoba 2.0 hours
3) General Insurance Council of Saskatchewan 2.0 hours
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