Technology of Hydroxyl Radical Generators

Technology of Hydroxyl Radical Generators

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Course Description

The reality of the situation surrounding hydroxyl radical generators is that they are not the silver bullet that
will solve all the restoration contractors problems. Still, they can be an important tool as long as they are
utilized in a thoughtful way with proper training, just like any other powerful piece of equipment that come
with the promise of improved performance and faster completion of projects. But they also carry some
risk, which is why restoration contractors need to understand what they are using, which situations are
appropriate for hydroxyl radical generators, and how they are going to protect their workers and building
occupants during their use.

Hydroxyls are seen as nature’s way of cleaning up the atmosphere. This seminar will
reveal how hydroxyl ions and ozone molecules work to make our air healthier for us to

The seminar is presented by Patrick Martens

Continuing Education Credits – ID #43032

1) Alberta Insurance Council 2.0 hours
Adjuster Certificate
2) General Insurance Council of Manitoba 2.0 hours
3) General Insurance Council of Saskatchewan 2.0 hours
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